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AFFIRM is an organisation dedicated to Human Capacity Building and Personal Development. Our purpose is to help you find yours, in any area of your life!



Consulting: We offer seasoned expert advice, research, advocacy and services in the education and gender development sectors.

Training: We tailor improvement courses to individuals, groups and organisations on leadership and management, personal development, youth entrepreneurship and life skills.

Coaching: We cover individual and group sessions on personal performance, professional, corporate and executive life coaching, using the most up-to-date resources and support available.



  • Corporate Organisations (Private & Public)
  • Working Class Individuals
  • Stay-at-home Parents
  • Job Seekers
  • Business Men & Women
  • Professional Bodies
  • Clubs, Societies and Associations
  • Youth Bodies and Young People
  • Company Executives and Management


For organizations and groups, we:

  • motivate your employees to give more to and get more from their work.
  • put the responsibility for your employees’ development back into their own hands.
  • improve morale, reduce absenteeism and staff turnover.
  • improve your all-round staff retention rates.
  • increase your employees’ commitment to the organisation.
  • add value to your organizational outputs.
  • offer you a cost-effective method of training for large numbers of employees.
  • help your organization or group to gain a competitive advantage over other in the same field or sector.
  • discover and develop the untapped skills of your employees, which is a necessity in challenging business times.
  • bring professionalism, accountability and integrity to your group or organisation.

For individuals, we:

  • help you develop your skills.
  • enable you discover the real YOU and your life’s purpose.
  • support you to climb up difficult ladders and overcome challenges.
  • help you realise and utilize your many potentials.
  • challenge your mindset towards achieving your goals.
  • give you ample opportunities for wholistic life improvement.


If you are a Micro or Small business, Sole trader or Partnership, we have a large room for meetings, trainings or events for up to 30 people. Days and hours are offered at your convenience between Monday to Saturday, 8am to 7pm. Located in a serene part of Gwarinpa, you will find a cosy atmosphere, great service, generator supply and refreshments of your choice. We also have a price to fit every budget! Contact us below with your requirements.

“If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”           - Benjamin Franklin