Registering a .CO.UK Domain TLD

With NTChosting, registering a brand new .CO.UK domain name is a simple process - you just have to complete their registration procedure and your newly registered domain name will be live on the World Wide Web in under an hour. They can also handle .CO.UK domain name transfers - as long as you already have such a domain name registered with another company.

How to Register a .CO.UK Domain

To register a .CO.UK domain, you must either be a citizen of the United Kingdom or have a company registered in the UK. Apart from that, there are no .CO.UK domain registration requirements.

With each .CO.UK domain name registered or transferred over to them, you will get their cost-free Domain Manager tool, which will give you full command over your domain - you will be able to quickly change your WHOIS information and to edit your .CO.UK domain name's DNS records. Their solid hosting platform will ensure that your domain stays accessible 24-7-365 - they offer a ninety-nine point nine percent network uptime guranatee.

Country Code TLDs 1-year 2-years 10-years with Hosting
.CO.UK (United Kingdom) $15.00 USD $75.00 USD $15.00 USD