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  Our pioneer, internationally acclaimed, award-winning programmes include:
  The Springboard Women’s Development Programme

For Women in Middle Class and Middle Management. 4 Workshops spread over 2 months.
Topics: Assessing yourself;   Establishing your Core Values; Setting your Goals; Finding Support; Getting Information; Assertiveness; Stress Management; Gaining Confidence; Balancing Home and Work; Networking; Managing your Image; Developing yourself to your fullest potential.


Aimed at 14 to 19 year olds, we train teenagers in life skills and personal development, help them with the social tools they need, furnish them with insights and ideas on respecting self and others, attitudes, morals and values, conflict resolution, nutrition and health, effective communication skills, rights and responsibilities, dress sense and etiquette, Career Choices & Counselling, Leadership as well as practical skills acquisition.

  The Right To Be Me

5 distinct blocks which fit together to present the integrated wholistic development model
of the human being. They cover Self Esteem and your Value System; Getting Priorities in order;                                               
Understanding Behaviour; Communication; Lifestyle Management. A 15 hour course for anyone who
wants to discover the right and responsibility to be ME!

  Youth Entrepreneurship Series (YES!)

This one-year reciprocal programme offers young budding or existing entrepreneurs (undergraduates and graduates) the opportunity to learn business skills and strategies, leadership training in IT and national building, internships and seed capital for start-up or expansion funds.

  The Purple Package

Comprehensive Personal Development and Pamper Sessions for Elite, Busy Professional and Business Women. A full week’s residential programme in a superb, relaxing location.

  The Navigator Programme For Men

Powerful, motivational and aimed for peak performance, this training covers both personal and work issues and is specifically researched for non-management, business, managerial and professional men! It catapults them to the next level by enabling them to take their next clear, practical and realistic steps more consciously. Comprises 4 full Workshop days, a rich Workbook and business contact opportunities.

  UNIUE Lady

Any focused, pro-active and forward-thinking lady between the ages of 18 and 30 must gain from this 2-day programme to increase her knowledge and resources. We will empower her gain full ownership of her own life, to build confidence for the life you want to live, use what she already has going for you, move on with her plans for a fulfilling life, and share and network with other ladies.

“If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”           - Benjamin Franklin