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Do you want to take charge of your life?  Think about your goals and your future?  Handle stress better?  Balance home and work?  Recognise and develop your talents?  Learn some new skills? Develop Assertiveness?

  Then is for YOU! a ground-breaking, award-winning self-development Programme for women.  The Programme is the product of work carried out originally in the UK for the BBC by Liz Willis and Jenny Daisley - acknowledged trail-blazers in the field of women’s development training and co-founders of The Springboard Consultancy. Since its inception in 1988, this acclaimed Programme has been run in 34 countries worldwide, with nearly a quarter of a million women benefiting from the great value and development opportunities offered by Programme. is challenging, stimulating, thought-provoking and inspiring!!!  For women of any age, stage in life, culture or background; in full or part-time, paid or voluntary work; with or without higher education qualifications, in non-management, business, professional or managerial positions, having the interest and desire to take a fresh look at themselves, and willing to put some energy and time into developing their own life. of: 4 full-day Workshops, meals inclusive; your personal 300-page Workbook; networking; a wide Support System; and a Certificate of Attendance.

Subjects covered include:
•    Assessing yourself
•    Establishing your Core Values
•    Setting your Goals
•    Finding Support
•    Getting Information
•    Assertiveness
•    Stress Management
•    Gaining Confidence
•    Balancing Home and Work
•    Networking
•    Managing your Image
•    Developing yourself to your fullest potential the Employer

For employers, the Programme will:

  • motivate participants to engage more with their work.
  • enable women to be more resourceful thereby adding value to the profitability of the organisation.
  • develop untapped skills which can be brought into the workplace.
  • help women to experience job satisfaction.
  • put a responsibility for an individual’s development into her own hands.
  • develop straight-forward communication and possible solutions rather than problems.
  • recognise the individuality or training needs and can flexibly respond to those needs.
  • be a tried and tested development package which presents excellent value for money.
To register yourself, your group or organisation or to request your copy of AFFIRM’s document entitled “Business Case for Springboard”, please get in touch with us.
“If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”           - Benjamin Franklin