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Dear Zibah

On behalf of the Springboard Consultancy I would like to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you for attending the conference and particularly for being a guest speaker.

The overseas content of the conference was received exceedingly well, everyone appeared to enjoy hearing what’s going on around the world!

We have received some fantastic feedback about you Zibah, you were described as so engaging and inspiring, energetic, warm friendly and charming. Here are a small selection of the many great quotes:-

“Wow! I feel newly inspired to get back in the fight!”

“Awe-inspiring, wonderful speaker”

“Beautiful, powerful story”

“So much energy”

“Uplifting - great warmth, delivered with passion and humour”

“Need to bottle her enthusiasm and energy”

“Just wonderful”


So thank you once again Zibah, we really hope that you enjoyed the conference as much as we enjoyed hearing from you, and that you have a good flight back to Nigeria.

Best regards, Sue


“Springboard has been a blessing to me. If I knew about 20 years ago what I know now, my life would be extraordinary.  All the challenges and pitfalls that I have in life, this programme dealt extensively with them.  In Springboard, I now have a positive outlook on life.  Springboard has been concise, incisive and precise.” – Ene O., Businesswoman

“The training and activities were student-centered.”


“It is a programme that all women – young and old - to participate, especially in Nigeria, where culture and a lot of prejudices and biases overshadow the role of women in society.  Being a Christian, the programme has allowed me to see how I can help myself without contradicting God’s Word – but collaborating with being a woman that serves the Lord. Hopefully a follow-up or refresher programme will soon come up.” - Bola O., British Council Nigeria

“It was excellent, motivating, inspiring.”


“This is a must for every woman or girl. It should be taught as a course in the 1st year of university, in finishing school, NYSC or during the gap year after secondary school while waiting for admission into the university. It should be a daily guide for all women – after the Holy Books”. - Ramatu B.

“Training content was very rich. It explained fully on the topic chosen. Real life examples were given to explain more so that we could relate more to each topic.”


“Springboard is an eye-opener. Springboard is strength-giving. Springboard shatters the glass ceiling for every woman. It is the strongest and best development instrument for women.” – Ann A., NYSC

“The trainer was very vast in knowledge about the system and as such, her contributions were very useful and practicable”.


"A very good programme for any woman - young or old. It helps you to find direction and focus in your life. Well worth attending. It helps you find and bring out the real you." - R.S., Domestic Engineer “Taking a Break!”

“The trainer maintained a cheerful attitude and there was not a boring moment.  All training contents were treated. It was an interactive session all through.”


 “Springboard is a fantastic programme which should get to all women because a lot of women are suffering in silence and do not know how to go about helping themselves. It has been presented in a fantastic manner, in a way that makes a permanent impression on participants. It will be difficult to forget what I have learnt here. I am happy for the experience.” - Dr. Fidelia A., Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria

“It is a programme designed by women for women to be used and practicalised by women for personal and corporate development.” Amina A., FIDA


“I am very satisfied with the programme and it helped me to deal with several issues, including some which I wasn’t even consciously aware were affecting me. I would recommend the programme for other women.” – Rosaline M., HR & Admin

“Very inspiring and I really appreciate all efforts for making this happen. This has changed my life because it came at the ‘right’ time.” - Nafisa Y., Accountant

“If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”           - Benjamin Franklin