A Definition of Website Hosting

Hosting is a service that hosting companies offer so that you can upload your web site to the Internet.

How can people access your web site?

When you develop a web site and you wish other people to access it, you will need to copy (or upload) it to a hosting server. If you attempt to make the web site available online by hosting it on your own PC, there is no way for you to keep it up and running all the time, which is why hosting services came into existence.

How does website hosting work?

Hosting providers offer you disk drive space for your site on their high-power computers (web servers) and guarantee constant Internet connection. When somebody writes your domain name (for example in their web browser's URL bar, they will be connected to the hosting server where they can see the content of your web site.

Hosting varieties

With the development of Internet technologies, different types of website hosting services have emerged to fulfill the different needs of web site possessors, including shared website hosting services, VPS server hosting services and dedicated web hosting services.

Shared hosting

Shared web site hosting is the most common type of web hosting, and is also the easiest to start with. It is a service where one web server is divided among lots of web hosting customers who are restricted by the CPU, web traffic and web space quotas that they have been allotted. This type of hosting is typically cheaper - you don't have to buy the entire server in advance, since it is shared between multiple web hosting customers, and the web hosting provider can afford to provide much more reasonable prices. It is also much easier to use - the server is pre-configured with all the required software and the web hosting solutions provider handles all server maintenance procedures and security updates for you.

The downside of the shared web site hosting solution is that you share the web hosting server's resources with other hosting clients and if one site becomes very busy it may influence (and slow down) the rest of the web sites on that hosting server, but the majority of hosting suppliers, including NTChosting, have security platforms in place that prevent that from happening.

A definition of a web site hosting service

Because shared hosting is the most widely used type of hosting, the majority of hosting distributors and hosting users simply refer to it as hosting or website hosting. As there is an extensive competition on the hosting marketplace, most web hosting firms try to offer cheap prices and bonuses with their web hosting services. NTChosting, for example, provides different web site hosting plans and two invoicing options - monthly and yearly, based on your funds. If you select the annual invoicing cycle, you will receive a bonus - one cost-free domain name registration.

Virtual Web Hosting Server Packages

VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server. The VPS web server hosting solution is basically the middle ground between the shared web hosting solution and the dedicated hosting solution. If your website outgrows the resources offered by your shared hosting package, a private virtual hosting server is an appropriate choice. private virtual web server hosting users still share the hardware resources of the physical server with other private virtual server web hosting customers, but the hard disk drive is partitioned using a special virtualization technology so that each partition has its own guaranteed resources and can be configured practically like a full-fledged dedicated hosting server. The advantage is that the CPU and the memory on a VPS web hosting server are not shared. Additionally, the virtualization technology gives you much more freedom to configure your VPS web hosting server, but it also calls for a higher degree of technical proficiency.

Dedicated web hosting accounts

With the dedicated server hosting solution, the customer obtains an entire web hosting server and can use all its system resources. The dedicated server web hosting solution is the most reliable of all web hosting solutions and offers numerous customization possibilities - the dedicated server web hosting customers can choose the hardware and software specs that will match their needs. Dedicated resources and no-holds-barred performance are two reasons why a dedicated hosting server is an excellent option for a resource-requiring business portal for example - you will not share the hosting server's system resources with anyone else and will have complete server root access. You will exercise full control over the web hosting server which will enable you to make any configuration modifications that you might need. The setback of the dedicated web hosting solution is that a more advanced level of technical knowledge is needed - unless you hire an Information Technology specialist you will be responsible for managing and configuring the dedicated server. The dedicated server web hosting solution also costs far more since the cost of the dedicated web server isn't shared among any other users.

A website hosting tip for novices

If you are just starting to create your site and are seeking a hosting solution to begin with the shared web hosting solution remains the most intelligent choice. If your web site outgrows your hosting account's resources you can usually upgrade. With ExclusiveHosting for instance this is extremely easy and does not necessitate migration of your web site files since only the parameters of your hosting account change. You can also upgrade your website hosting plan to a more advanced one at any particular moment without worrying about the number of days left before expiration. Besides if you eventually reach the most advanced shared web hosting package and still require more system resources (which is a good thing sometimes - it indicates that your web site's popularity has risen!) there always is the possibility to migrate to a VPS server web hosting solution or a dedicated server web hosting solution without the need to change hosting providers.

Budget Value Plus Exclusive
Monthly Fee $4.95
per month
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per month
Data Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Network Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Hosted 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Node.js Optional Optional Optional
Memcached Optional Optional Optional